furnace repair technician inspecting ventilation.

Your Omaha Furnace Repair Company

Most homeowners understand that regular maintenance is required to keep their property in the best condition. Despite their efforts, a lot of homeowners forget to take care of one important thing: the furnace. Regularly scheduled furnace repair services and maintenance can prevent a broken furnace that could need replaced entirely, costing much more than a repair. Furnace repair and maintenance is an essential part of home ownership and home safety, particularly if you have an older home with an older furnace. Whether you need gas furnace repair or electric furnace repair, our technicians can be trusted to do the job right. If you have issues with your furnace not producing enough heat, not igniting at all, if you have a noisy furnace, or a blower that won’t stop running, call Caniglia Heating & Cooling today!

Checking coils, valves, wires, and cleaning your furnace are imperative because a furnace or boiler can become ineffective, vents can become blocked with dust, carbon monoxide can leak into the home, and exposed wires can easily cause a house fire. The experts at Caniglia Heating & Cooling can provide affordable furnace repair services, including inspections, cleanings, and filter replacement.


Furnace Repair When You Need It – 24 Hour Emergency Service

When it is freezing cold outside and your furnace breaks down, you don’t have to wait for the next business day for service. Our heating experts understand that being warm in the winter is more than just a comfort issue, it can be a safety issue. Even if you have a broken furnace at 11:30 p.m. on a Friday, we’ve got you covered, unlike some furnace repair companies with long waits for service. 


Why You Need Furnace Repair

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your furnace, especially if it has gotten behind on annual maintenance and inspections. But things can go wrong even if you have been diligent with preventative maintenance. One issue could be an incorrect heat load calculation. A heat load calculation is the amount of heat energy that would be required to maintain the desired temperature and when furnaces are installed these calculations are often not performed correctly. A unit that is too big for your home leads to issues like air that is too dry or the furnace short cycling. A unit that is too small will of course struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature. All of these things can cause problems that require furnace repair. 


A lack of maintenance will lead to the need for furnace repair because regular inspections and cleanings both maintain the good condition of your furnace. Regular inspections can also find small issues that might need a tweak to fix them versus a full-on repair. Dirty filters that aren’t changed out regularly can cause you to need furnace repair due to the extra strain on the unit as it tries to pull air through the clogged filter.

Furnace Cleaning (and why it’s important)

While your furnace is doing its job to heat your home, it becomes a magnet for dirt, dust, and other sources of matter and debris. If you neglect your furnace and don’t keep it clean, you’re actually letting harmful debris make their way into your house, which can cause a variety of health issues. You may find that you and your family are more prone to viruses and germs because they aren’t being properly cleaned from the air ducts.

In general, a furnace that is uncared for can significantly decrease the quality of your air. Aside from poor health conditions, an unclean furnace can affect its overall performance, causing it to not heat your home up evenly or as powerfully as it did in the past.

Four Reasons You Should Schedule a Furnace Inspection Today

An annual furnace inspection ensures that your furnace is in good condition and will work when you need it the most. It can also prevent serious health risks and costly emergency repairs to your home. Here are four of the main reasons you should be scheduling an annual furnace inspection:

1. Prevents Carbon Monoxide Leaks

When the heat exchanger in your furnace becomes cracked, harmful gases like carbon monoxide can leak into your home. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and deadly gas. Don’t put your family’s safety at risk – make annual furnace inspections part of a regular routine to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Increases Efficiency

Don’t make your furnace work harder than it has to. During an annual home heating inspection, our expert furnace repair technicians can inspect, clean, and repair your furnace, ensuring that it works as it should. Your furnace is most efficient when all of its parts are clean, without anything preventing it from working correctly.

3. Clean Air Filters

Blocked vents and air filters can cause major problems with the airflow in your home or business, as well as degrade the efficiency of your furnace, which means you could have cold spots in your home. Major furnace repairs or even a whole furnace replacement could become necessary if smaller issues are ignored. During a home heating inspection, our technicians will replace or clean your furnace’s air filters to protect against dirt and debris circulating through your house.

4. Extends the Life of Your Furnace

A regular, annual furnace inspection can prolong the life of your furnace. Like most things, your furnace’s internal parts wear out over time. During an inspection, our technicians are trained to find problems (such as worn-out parts) that if left unattended, could result in a major repair.

Keep Warm This Winter

Keep your home safe and warm this winter. The dangers of not having your furnace cleaned and inspected could result in blocked air vents or carbon monoxide leaking into your home. Calling a professional from Caniglia Heating & Cooling to clean your furnace and vents is the first step in ensuring the furnace in your home is clean and working properly.

Our Omaha heating services are for both commercial and residential properties. Just as you change the oil in your car every 3 months, your business and home need regularly scheduled furnace maintenance, furnace cleaning, and furnace repair services. For expert, professional home heating services, contact Caniglia Heating & Cooling at 402-204-0813.