Air conditioning unit next to exterior brick wall

Omaha Air Conditioning Experts

There is nothing worse than not having your air conditioning system work when you need it most. Heat and cold can wreak havoc on your cooling system and air conditioning units. If you suspect something is wrong with your system, do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals for air conditioner repair. Whether your AC is overheating or has a frozen coil from overuse, Caniglia Heating and Cooling has the technology and know-how to repair your unit and keep your home cool. Let our expert technicians provide the air conditioner repair you need in order to be comfortable in your home.

AC Repair and Maintenance

A broken AC unit in Omaha can mean more than being a little warm while indoors. Much like a car left in the sun, heat gets trapped in your home without proper ventilation and a working AC, and the motors from fans just add to the stifling heat. If your home needs AC repair, do not wait until the hottest days of the year! Calling as soon as you need a repair means we can keep you cool long before the dog days set in.

Proper AC maintenance can save you from costly repairs later on or having to replace your unit. One of our expert technicians can evaluate the efficiency of your unit and ensure it is functioning properly. From checking and changing your filters, to cleaning out debris from your yard and animals, to checking the airflow in your home, we provide expert AC maintenance to keep your unit running for your home and business.

Beat the Heat

Heat related injury, like heatstroke and heat cramps, can happen indoors even in the northernmost states. Caniglia Heating & Cooling provides expert AC repair services and AC maintenance for commercial and residential properties in Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas. Caniglia offers 24-hour emergency service for AC repair and furnace repair.

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