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Humidifier Repair and Installation in Omaha

The humidity levels of your home play an important role in your overall efficiency and comfort. As Nebraskans can attest to, it’s really the humidity that makes the summer days unbearably hot and it’s a lack of humidity in the dry winter air that leaves us all with cracked knuckle skin and chapped lips. Having the perfect balance of humidity inside your home can make your furnace and AC unit more efficient at keeping you comfortable.

Do I need humidifier repair or humidifier installation?

If your home is not equipped with a furnace humidifier already, you would be surprised at the difference it can make. You spend a great deal of time indoors, especially during the dry winter months, so having the indoor air quality of your home improved with proper humidity is an essential part of your comfort. We recommend anyone take humidifier installation into consideration. Already have one installed? If you’ve fallen behind on maintenance, it’s a good idea to have humidifier repair performed so you can be sure it’s functioning at the highest level.

What is a furnace humidifier?

A furnace-mounted humidifier is the same thing as a whole-home humidifier. These flow-through humidifiers are mounted to the furnace’s cold-air return duct and then are connected to the hot air supply through a humidifier supply takeoff duct. Furnace humidifiers provide optimal humidity levels throughout your entire home, whereas small humidifiers would need to be plugged in throughout the house for similar effectiveness. Those several small humidifiers would also draw a lot more power and be less user-friendly than having one central home humidifier. The professionals at Caniglia Heating & Cooling can help you install a furnace humidifier to your HVAC system.

What are the benefits of furnace humidifier installation?

Are you on the fence about whether you should invest in a whole-house humidifier? It may help to understand the reasons why before you contact an HVAC contractor. Here are several benefits of adding a humidifier to your HVAC system:

  • Health Benefits—A furnace humidifier introduces moisture back into the air, getting rid of the dry air that can cause side effects such as dry skin, dehydration, and asthma symptoms.
  • Energy Savings—Ensuring the optimal relative humidity levels in your home helps you feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This keeps you from making drastic leaps with your thermostat and saves money year-round on your energy bill.
  • Home Furnishings Protection—The lack of moisture in the air causes dry conditions that can warp and crack your wood furniture, flooring, and other wood furnishings.

How much does it cost to install a whole-home humidifier?

The cost of humidifier installation can vary depending upon what specific whole-home humidifier you choose and what furnace you have installed at your residence. Generally, the cost is less than you may expect, but the best way to find out for sure is to contact us and have us assess what your Omaha home needs for the best functionality.

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