Air Conditioning Repair

A new air conditioning system is not always a justifiable purchase, but our goal is to make it affordable. Whether ensuring your unit has to the proper freon levels to examining fan motor and plans for erosion or disfigurement, we will ensure your current system is repaired to run at its highest efficiency. Caniglia Heating & Cooling provides air conditioning and furnace repair for your property.

External portion of Air Conditioning unit

Furnace Repair

Whatever current furnace system you have, no matter the age, will require routine maintenance. Our expert technicians with Caniglia Heating & Cooling can inspect and repair your furnace. An annual inspection can ensure that your furnace is running correctly and that any health hazards are found before they become an issue.


Furnace repair technician

HVAC Service

Our routine HVAC service will optimize your system to operate as the manufacturer intended. Cleaning and lubricating vital parts as well as checking wiring and connections are only a few of the important items we check during a thorough inspection process. This guarantees that your heating, ventalation and air conditioning systems will continue to run at peak performance.

HVAC service technician

Air Filtration Systems

Air quality goes beyond simple filter changes. Duct leaks and other inefficiencies can cause ventilation issues, as well as health issues for your family. We will provide you with the necessary air filtration equipment to ensure your home has the best air quality possible.

Baby-safe air filtration system

Geothermal Systems

The Environmental Protection Agency has recognized geothermal systems as one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home. Geothermal systems can also be configured to reduce your need for energy to heat the water during everyday use. Let us show you how this sustainable energy can benefit you.

geothermal heating and cooling system